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Monday, September 1, 2008

Military Intelligence - Guessing Games

I'm playing the guessing game today. So if you think I might guess something right and spoil a storyline, don't read this. But I never was much good at guessing.

C. B. Cebulski said that he could circumvent the ban on depowered mutants regaining their powers during X-Infernus - over the years there's a few X-characters that have had mystical powers, and he hinted that one of these might get their mystical powers back during the magical event. But who? He's not saying, but I have some ideas. I doubt any depowered witches will be showing up for X-Infernus, but I might put money on a certain former valkyrie showing up…

My sister is studying ancient civilizations, and we've been talking about the Egyptian Gods. I told her a few days ago that I thought Sekhmet, the lioness goddess of vengeance would make a good Marvel character. And whadda you know, in October Thor visits Egypt and duels the Egyptian Gods in Thor: Truth of History. I'm not sure how I missed seeing this in previews. He also meets something familiar that doesn't belong, and sets in motion a chain of events that affects the present day. What could this be? My first thought would be Apocalypse, but if it is I'd think they'd have publicized it more. As in having an article on Marvel.com titled: THOR FIGHTS APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!! The Dreaming Celestial maybe?

Newsarama has an interview with Marc Guggenheim on Young X-Men. He says that the team would move to San Francisco, as they have realised that if you were once an X-Man, you can't just lie low, people will come after you. Scott and Emma don't know what to do with them until two of the New Mutants offer to train the youngsters. I'm going for Sunspot and Moonstar due to a comment I read somewhere on Marvel.com mentioning the moon and the sun. Which in turn makes me think that this book will be involved in an X-Infernus crossover. Who is Greymalkin? I think that he's Cypher. Or an amalgam of Cypher with some other dead students. If so, it will make a lot of people really happy, or really angry. One of the mutants is gonna discover they aren't a mutant. I'm not entirely sure what a golem-controlling psychic entity actually is, but I'm sure Rockslide still counts as a mutant. I'm guessing Ink will find out he isn't a mutant. A fan-favorite member of the New X-Men will join the team. I'm pretty certain it'll be Anole. They are purposely putting all the characters I don't like (Dust, Blindfold, Rockslide, Anole) in Young X-Men, and leaving the ones I do (Surge, Hellion, Mercury, Gentle, Loa) wandering around who knows where. At least Pixie's in Uncanny, and Mercury might be in X Infernus. I won't be picking it up yet, but I'll keep an eye on it, and if good things happen to it during or after X-Infernus, I'll probably pick it up.

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