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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Togs of War - Gary is a stupid name for an ice elf

First up is the end of the monkee war that was reached at the beginning of the week. The war was generally disappointing, the novelty of fighting as a pirate or ninja monkee quickly wore off and I found myself frustrated wishing for the high level skills of my necromancer, guardian or dragonlord armour. Fortunately you don't have to fight the boss, Mae Pi, as a monkee. The boss fight drops banana-themed weapons which look quite nice and do nature damage. The high-level versions are better than the pumpkin weapons from Halloween. Unfortunately there are seven of each, and they're random drops rather than purchasable from a war shop, and the boss fight has a long after-battle sequence, so its not easy to get the one you want. I tried a few times, and then gave up - its only nature damage after all. I'm just going to pretend the war never happened.

Onto this weeks release - we finally get to visit the ruined city of the long dead ice-elves. Galanoth comes along, setting up a magical talking cardboard cut-out of himself before he leaves so as to trick the dragons into thinking he is still guarding Dragesvard. The shimat you gave Galanoth does some magic, and the ice elf city turns out not to be as ruined as we thought, and the ice elves not as dead as we thought. You are ambushed by a large number of them, all armed with the deadly shimat weapons. Which really hurt. One of the ice elves, Gary, appears to admit that the elves attacked the village you found the shimat in two weeks ago. The shimat in question belongs to him. Galanoth comes up with a sneaky plan, telling you to fight your way out of the city, leaving him to get captured. In this way he can learn the truth behind the ice elve's attack on the village, and whether they are working with the ice dragons. The ice elves do look a bit like the half-dragon teacher of dracomancy in Adventure Quest. Hmmm. The plan is for you to return later and rescue Galanoth. Yeah, I see this plan working out perfectly with no hitches. Incidentally, this means that until further notice, the Galanoth in Dragesvard isn't actually Galanoth - its the magical talking cardboard cutout we saw earlier.

There are some weapon drops from this quest - Gary's sword, staff and dagger. Their designs are pretty cool-looking, and are obviously inspired by the shimat. They're slightly better than the icy weapons in BorkBork's shop, and though they don't look as cool, they are free, whilst BorkBork's are ridiculously expensive.

Verdict: Minor Victory The storyline is going somewhere after some stagnation, and I like where its going. Plus we saw elves and got some good ice weapons. But...Gary? C'mon, you can do better than that.

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