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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spoils of War - It is Your Destiny

I mentioned in my review of Messiah Complex that I think the name was selected because of Mystique's connection to Destiny. Then we have her cryptic comment about Iceman's melting point, and Mike Carey's assurance that he will be doing something to Iceman's powers. We need to get a bit scientific here and decide what Iceman's ice powers actually are. Remember that there's no such thing as 'cold', cold is the absence of heat. In order to create ice, you need to suck the heat out of it and put it somewhere else. So does he have control over water, or over heat? I'm tending towards the former due to the images of Iceman merging with a river and emerging from it downstream. Giving Iceman control over water would be awesome. I'm thinking of Rictor's powers, which connected him to the earth so he could feel it as an extension of his own body and manipulate it. If Bobby could do that with water…well, he definitely would deserve his Omega-level status. On the other hand, they might go the route of giving him heat powers alongside his cold powers. While probably more scientific, we already have fire-manipulators like the Human Torch and Magma and it doesn't seem as exciting. So I hope they give him water powers.

How accurate have my Young X-Men predictions been?

Wolf Cub dies. Check.
Anole joins the team. Check.
Sunspot and Moonstar are to train them. Check.
Greymalkin is an ancestor of Charles Xaviar.

Wait, what? Ok, so I got that one wrong. I had thought he was a resurrection of Prodigy, brought back to life by something that happened during the Sentinel's attack on the mansion. I didn't see this coming. How long has the mansion been in Xavier's family anyway? Are his ancestors buried in the ground too?

As to which member is not a mutant, I'm still hoping its Ink cause I don't like how people seem to think being a mutant means you can give them any power you can think of, even if it doesn't makes sense. I think Guggenhiem's trying to make us think the non-mutant is Dust, who is keeping some sort of secret from the team. And now that Moonstar is a confirmed member, the hints we were given that the aftermath of X-Infernus will affect this book makes me even more certain she's going to get mystical powers.

Nezhno will play a significant role in Storm: Wolds Apart. Darn. I should have ordered it. Maybe I'll get the trade.

Jeff Parker has confirmed that the Agents of Atlas are directly involved with Dark Reign. Jeff Parker's name is also on Dark Reign: New Nation, so its possible that’s where they'll be popping up there. Maybe a story with Namor and Namorita? Hmm.

Paul Cornell answered questions on Captain Britain and the MI:13 whilst managing to give absolutely nothing away. Darn. He did say Union Jack would have more appearences in the series, but I think we knew that already. He also said he liked Psylocke and Meggan, but refused to reveal if they would appear.

I'm not quite sure how the Amazons are attacking Atlantis, but as Namor and Namorita will be in the arc, I'll probably get the trade of Love & War. All my other Namor stuff is in trades. I'm interested that Poseidon's name came up in an interview, where it was noted that he was the god of Atlantis. At least, he was its god before it was sunk, all the homo sapiens drowned, and homo mermanus moved in and claimed it as their capital city.

I haven't read any reviews today yet, but I'm interested in the New Avengers issue which deals with the Skrull's involvement in House of M. I do remember now that Spider-Woman was the only one who tried to convince the heroes not to attack Magneto and try to put the world back the way it was. Damn you Brian Bendis, it was so obvious. I'm kicking myself for not noticing before.

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