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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Togs of War - It is good to be the King

This week's hyped-up release is the quest log. Unlike the armour closet, this release is available to everyone. Its actually only half completed, but its still really good. When completed, it will give you the ability to go to any quest line in the game, from wherever you happen to be at the moment. This is useful for people with slower internet connections, like myself. I set my hometown to Dragesvard as that is the main quest line at the moment, however, if they release a quest in a place like Lymcrest, Warlic's Zone or Sunbreeze grove, as they have been doing, I have to first load up Falconreach if I want to go there. Now, I can go directly to those zones from Dragesvard, and don't have to go to Falconreach unless I want to.

The best release this week was the Killguin Arena, the next quest in the Dragesvard line. As mentioned before, we need to ally with some of the natives to stand any sort of chance against the elves and dragons, and our first task is to convince the killguins to join us. We've fought the armoured penguins before, so that part is nothing new. But they more than make up for it with the reveal of who the leader of the killguins is - King Linus. Or Emperor Linus. Whichever you prefer. Its is one of those hilarious DragonFable style plot twists that makes perfect sense and leave you kicking yourself for not seeing it coming. Unless you saw it coming. Then good for you. Chance of nine new weapon drops or an ice scale here - six of the weapons are nothing to write home about, but the three fillet weapons look awesome and are more powerful than the Gary ice weapons. I never mind more powerful weapons, but its kind of annoying to put in another hard to get random drop that replaces a hard to get random drop that was only released a couple of weeks ago. I'm not gonna try get the fillet dagger yet, I think I'll wait until the Dragesvard line ends in case they release an even better ice weapon near the end. Its not like we'll be fighting fire monsters up here anyway.

There's a cute little quest in the baby dragon line too. You have to pick up some plants (hmm, is it just me or have we been collecting a LOT of plants recently?) by sending your dragon after them. The catch is, you have to dodge around monsters (the same ones you always have dodge when getting plants) and unless you have really high charisma and luck, your baby dragon doesn't go exactly where you tell him to, so sometimes you have to rush in and bail him out of a fight. Some intersting cloaks here, but nothing worth keeping unless you like collecting cloaks.

Verdict: Major Victory! Excellent releases, and you meet a king too.

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