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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Togs of War - Mirrors and Wardrobes

Forstly, I can't comment on the new weapons cause they're mixed in with the old ones, and I can't remember which are the old ones. Secondly, I can't comment on Greg the Interdimensional Cricket cause Lymcrest disagrees with my computer and I don't feel like tempting fate just to get a temporary hammer. In fact, even if I could get into Lymcrest easily, I wouldn't feel like seraching through every single quest just to get a tempoary hammer. And thirdly, I can't comment on the armour closet cause it costs dragon coins I don't have, so I can't buy it. Actually, I can comment on it. For a really, really useful feature that's been teased for so long to come out as a DragonCoin item is just annoying. I paid for my Guardian and Dragonlord armour, now I have to pay more so that I can equip them from my house? I am very disappointed.

The only thing I can comment on is the Magic Mirror you can buy for your house. Its supposedly a good farming quest - however it gives me 2000 xp and 240 gold - not up to the standards of the Something Fishy quest, which gives 3001 xp and 400 gold, plus 150 gold for weapon sellback.

And to top it off, they delayed releasing the next part of Dragesvard to give us this.

Verdict: Major Loss! Just...no.

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