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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Togs of War - Only penguins can save us now

Still sick. Short post.

The Good:
* You can now invite Galanoth to join your party as a guest. He has three ok skills.
* You get to play as Nythera, make mischief, and meet her father (a wizard) and mother (a dragon).

The Bad:
* Galanoth's new quest is exactly the same as his old one, except now you have to fight the elves two and three at a time without the aid of your baby dragon. It looks like they copied the visible pet code from the 'walking your dragon' and couldn't be bothered to adapt it to work for a guest, so they made Galanoth into a temporary pet. Oh, and only reward is ice scale.

The Revelations:
* The ice elves are ruled by an evil queen who is using the ice orb to control the ice dragons. And we must team up with our old enemies the ursine bears and killquins to stop her.
* Dragons can take human form. At least now we don't have to wonder about how half-dragons were invented, but if your friend starts acting strange…maybe he's been replaced by a dragon.
* Nythera created sneevils!

Verdict: Minor Victory The good is meh and the bad is sheer laziness. Only penguins can save us - but only sneevils can save this release.

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