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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why a blog on comics?

For a while, I've wanted to write a sort of weekly newsletter about what I've been up to and interesting thing's I've read and e-mail it to my friends, but I've never got around to it. And then I realised that most of what I read is comic books, or about them, and not all my frinds would appreciate an e-mail about comic books every week. I've been reading Kirk Warren's Weekly Crisis blog for over a year now, and I thought, well, I can do that. Maybe not as well, or with as many comics, or as soon after they come out (as getting comics in South Africa is not easy) as he does, but I can try.

Next I needed a name. I threw some ideas around, but finally settled for War of Kings for the following reasons:
1. Seeing as how I'm copying Kirk and his blog is named after a major crossover, I may as well name mine after a crossover too.
2. War of Kings involves my three favourite comic book groups: the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans, and the X-Men (ok, its the Starjammers, but still).
3. I can play around with war and war corrospondent themes to my articles.
4. Its a sufficiantly broad name I can tie to in to all sorts of other non-Marvel stuff like: the first computer game I bought was age of Empires: Age of Kings.
5. I really am looking forward to War of Kings.

So you can expect regular reviews on the comics books I collect (see my pull list to the upper right), as well as normal books, movies, tv series (if SABC happens to be showing anything worth watching) and anything else I feel like posting on. Because I can.


  1. Hey, looks like your off to a great start so far. I'll check up on your blog every so often, I really look forward to reading your reviews. Good luck, expect me in the comment boxes.