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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Togs of War - This Cold is Unbearable!

Togs of War is my weekly review of the latest update to DragonFable. DragonFable is the only online RPG I allow myself to play these days, as you don't actually interact with people in it, so no one actually expects you to do stuff. Plus its creators are completely insane and are apparently attempting to rip off…everything. By the way, the image on the left is what my pet tog looks like. Its kinda a reptile version of a dog, and for some reason is my favourite creature in the game.

This week's release rips off the only good thing about The Golden Compass - armoured polar bears! In the latest part of Galinoth's quest chain, you're off to the small village of Frode which has been destroyed by ice dragons, and subsequently taken over by bears and goblins. This is one of those quests where you actually have to defeat every monster (well almost, there's a three-in-one snowball after the stairs you can duck past). The generic snowballs and frost goblins who are merely annoying, but the bears (Ursice Savages) can take out a chunk of your health if you're not careful, as it seems they have a chance to stun you on every attack.I wasn't being careful and got stunned four times in a row on lowish health…not fun. So using your own stun/distract is advisable. The quest ends with you finding a strange circular weapon called a Shimat.

This causes Galanoth to think that maybe the Ice Elf race isn't as dead as everyone think it is. Sadly you don't get to keep it, only reward the quest gives is an Ice Dragon Scale, which will presumably be used to unlock Dragonslayer skills in the future. So it’s a good storyline quest, but I doubt you'll be doing it more than once. Looks like next week we're off to some Ice Elf ruins…would be cool to meet an elf for the first time in the game. No pun intended.

Other releases include the raising of the level cap to 50 (I'm not sure if this allows you to train alchemy higher) and 24 lvl 40+ weapons in Cysero's Superstore (which cost DragonCoins, meaning you need to pay real money of you want them).
*The Oscillation staff and Frequency sword look awesome, but they're light, so Destiny weapons are better. There's no equivalent dagger.
*The Dead Wave, Dead Fathom and Dead Water are now the most powerful water weapons in the game, with a nice accuracy boost, and look awesome to boot.
*The Fusion, Fusion and Fuse are now the most powerful fire weapons in the game, and also look pretty hot.
*The Schism, Divide and Cleave are much stronger than Bork's icy weapons, and have +5 crit. The Schism and Cleave look good, but the Divide doesn’t look nearly as cool as the Icy Dagger.
*Ironwill, Endure and Adamant look good, and are the strongest metal weapons..but they're metal. Even with +4 crit and boost, I don't think they were worth Cysero trading three of his right socks for.
*Pith, Xylem and Phloem have a simple elegance that's attractive…but do you really need the best wood weapon in the game? Seriously, what's weak against wood?
*I think the Nightli weapons are the strongest wind weapon…but I don't like their sickly green colour.
*Areten, Strath and Graben have +7 crit and do a bit more stone damage than the July 4th weapons…but they just don't stand up to the awesomeness of the rare holiday weapons.

Verdict: Major Victory! Ice Elves! Stunning polar pears! Ridiculously large and powerful weapons! More levels! What more could you want?

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