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Monday, August 25, 2008

Military Intelligence - Fan Expo

So lessee...what news did the Fan Expo weekend bring us? Well, first is Chris Yost's X-Men: Kingbreaker, the next chapter in the struggle between Vulcan and the X-jammers (apparently that's what they're called now) and a lead-in to War of Kings. It will be about Vulcan, now firmly entrenched as the leader of the Shi'ar, doing what Shi'ar do best and expanding his empire, whilst spending time torturing his brother, because he is insane. This will also apparently be new-reader-friendly, of which I'm glad cause I don't have Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire or Emperor Vulcan. If War of Kings is sparked by Vulcan's expansionist policies brining him into conflict with the Inhumans, it leads to all sorts of speculation - are the Inhumans still on the moon, or have they claimed somewhere else as their home? Will War of Kings involve Earth? Is this another invasion? Would it be better if the Skrulls took over Earth, as they'd probably stand a better chance of standing up to a Shi'ar invasion fleet than us?

The first thing I thought when I saw the announcement for Hulk Family was 'Hulk and Thundra have a daughter?' My second was 'Who on earth is Thundra?' I did have a vague recollection of someone by that name appearing in a one-shot called Hulk: Raging Thunder. Once again I found that Wikipedia is your friend, and that she's from a distant future in which the Earth is ruled by women, and that the one-shot explains the existence of the daughter. I don't feel bad about not knowing about characters from strange alternate futures. I'm considering getting this book for the Scorpion story though, in which Amadeus Cho apparently uncovers evidence showing that Scorpion is in fact a member of the Hulk's family. I've been intrigued by her ever since she popped up in the middle of Doc Samson's miniseries. While it would be cool if it was revealed that she's Bruce Banner's daughter, we would be getting to the stage of asking 'Just how many kids does Banner have?' I'd like her to be Doc Samson's daughter, but just because I think a 'Doc Samson and the Spectacular Scorpion' series would be awesome.

DC revealed that there is not one, but two weekly series in the works to follow Trinity. I'm not sure whether that means they're gonna have two weekly series going at the same time, or if they're just planning really far ahead.

Geoff Johns and Ethan van Sciver 's The Flash: Rebirth starts in January. It will establish the returning Barry Allen as the 'King of the Flashes', as well as defining a purpose for each of the four Flashes. Hmm, with all the good stuff I've heard about Johns, this looks tempting.

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  1. I myself am really looking forward to Hulk Family #1, mainly for Skaar and Scorpion really. And it's about time Marvel give us a book that goes into the depth of the Hulk family.

    I remember the Thundra daughter thing, but I'd forgotten almost completely about it.

    I still hope Scorpion is Bruce Banner's daughter, that way we could hope for some great team ups in the future.