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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Togs of War - Stocking the Shelves

Being kind and considerate people, Artix Entertainment agreed to switch their DragonFable release day to Wednesday this week, seeing as how I’m away for the weekend. Actually, it has something to do with them being at Dragon Con, but I'm happy as I get to play it before I go. This weeks sees Galanoth’s ice elf/dragonslayer questline being put on hold, and instead we have the return of Nythera the…er…loyal apprentice of Warlic the Blue Mage. This might actually have something to do with the dragonslayer storyline, though, as Nythera is part dragon.

Nythera needs help restocking Warlic’s shelves, as she has…er…borrowed quite a few of his reagents. So it’s off to the not-haunted-in-any-way woods to look for glowy things. Some are more glowy than others, so keep a careful eye out. There you have to pick up three to seven plants whilst fighting fairies (sylphdrakes, ribalds and those annoying self-healing minx fairies) and undead (wisps and spirits) on the left side. The fairies are on the right side of the forest and resistant to light damage, and the undead are on the left and are resistant to darkness. Fortunately I know have both doom and destiny blades, so I can switch between them as necessary. The glowing blue mushrooms are full heals, and don’t count as plants. Its scaled, but seems to give more experience than most scaled quests.

In the forest is a dragon statue holding a Dragonlord shield. The statue opens a shop containing a new set of fire weapons called the Weapons of the Amulet, available in level 10, 20, 30 and 40 versions. There’s no level 50 version. At first glance only the level 40 type is significantly more powerful than the rares from Valentine’s Day, and not even that is more powerful than the fire weapons released last week. They do, however, have a special attack called Dragon Magic! which gives you a 7% powerboost for 5 turns, and this elevates them above the competition. Plus they look awesome and match my colour scheme. Interestingly, they have a incredibly high rarity value of twelve, unlike the supposedly rare doom and destiny weapons, which have a rarity value of one.

And finally, the quest can drop one of six rings or a necklace. Most of these aren’t anything to write home about. The necklace is interesting - it gives -50 to luck and charisma so you won’t be wearing it, but it sells for a whopping 350 gold. And now, the one thing that redeems this release – the level 27 Electric Orbit ring. Not only does it give +5 to dexterity and endurance, but also +4 to critical hit! Plus it has some standard bonuses to defenses and protection against energy. The only drawback is -2 defense against water, but that’s hardly anything drastic.

Verdict: Minor Victory. The ring is awesome – but we’ve seen Nythera before, we’ve seen the forest monsters before, and the weapons weren’t as good as they were hyped up to be. We want to see ice elves, people!

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