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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Togs of War - The sum is greater than its elements

We only get Dragesvard every second week, apparently. Le sigh.

However, we do get another Nythera quest with a really good storyline, this time explaining why the four elemental tribes are so wary of humans and tend to attack anyone who enters their domain (yes, it is Nythera's fault). I will have a lot more respect for elementals from now on, and probably feel a little bad if I have to kill any who get in my way. Interestingly, Warlic mentions a fifth tribe who live in the south. These might be the vizalain from the Crystal Shard quest, but I tend to think it has something to do with the path to the southwest of the portal that has said 'Coming soon!' for something like two years now. There's no reward except some good backstory that is both humorous and sensibly solid at the same time.

Xan is back in Falconreach too, but seems despondent, and promises to give up being an insane pyromancer if you defeat his latest creation. Its easily the most powerful non-titan creature in the game. I think you need to be level 50 or close to defeat it, which I am not. The three weapons dropped from the quest don't have the same element, and the dagger is stone, with more dpt than the Independence day weapons, but with no special. Arg. I was also going to complain about Xan being neutered - but I had a sneaking suspicion, so I visited the forums to see what would happen if I had won the battle. And yes, if you win, you drive Xan back into an insane fiery rage. Xan is back, baby, and hotter than ever!

Again, I can't comment on the revamp of the next part of Lymcrest. When the whole of Lymcrest is finished, I'll visit a friends house or something and do a special review of it.

Verdict: Major Victory! Yes, I am actually giving a non-Dragesvard release a Major Victory - not because the two quests have good battles or rewards, but because of what they add to DF's overall storyline.

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