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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Togs of War - Pic-a-nics and Ro-oh-ses

This week its back to Dragesvard, this time to convince the Ursine Bears to unite with the humans and killguins to fight the evil ice elf queen and her followers. Though the Ursine were initially inspired by The Golden Compass, their civilisation itself is lifted straight out of Warcraft - they are just like the Furbolgs. Furbolg, incidentally, comes from Fir Bolg, a race of non-furry giants in Irish Mythology, but this is beside the point. The Ursines have one trait I'm pretty sure the Furbolgs do not - they are inexplicably obsessed with pic-a-nic baskets. Say it with me. Pic-a-nic. Its siren call is irresistible to them. Fortunately, ice goblins enjoy putting aside their axes ever so often to have pic-a-nics, so all I had to do is take out a few, nick their basket and present it to the Ursines to win their loyalty. Quite a fun quest, actually. I really hope that ice elves don't show up with pic-a-nic baskets and entice them to betray me. The quest drops ice dragon scales and a set of stone claw weapons. They look coolly barbaric, but they're not as good as the July 4th set, so I'm not bothering to try get them.

In other news, Thursday of Amityvale has a new quest for us - get her some sanguine roses. Unfortunately they only grow in the haunted maze-like crypt under the town, so its time to stock up on potions, and break out your pen and paper to get mapping. This is the kind of quest I enjoy - its hard but not too hard, requires thinking and good mapping skills (or in my case, decent enough mapping skills that I can understand my own map - no one else is likely too) and has a reward that's worth it. It even tempts you to give up - you need four roses to get the best weapon, but each time you find a rose it asks you if you'd like to give up in exchange for a sighlty less powerful weapon. But I'm proud to say I stuck it out, even through multiple internet disconnects, and got my new, shiny Sunsabre Dagger. Its an awesome wind weapon - in both looks and damage, so I can finally pension off my Mako Shiv, which was really good but looked horrible.

Verdict: Major Victory! Keep up the good work guys!

This is my cryptic crypt map:

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