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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Togs of War - Time for some Dragon Slaying!

Artix Entertainment have declared this month the 'Month of Dragons' in all their games, and they certainly seem to mean it. The next quest in the Dragesvard chain has been released, and so I'm off to find out how Aisha is controlling the dragons, and whether I can convince them to switch sides. Galanoth, of course, is highly doubtful anything good will come of this, however, my success so far seems to have impressed him enough that he'll play along…until he needs to rescue me, of course. The quest starts off with waves of Dravir, which is nothing new. However, once that is over there's some very interesting developments, revealing the Dragon/Elf alliance is not quite what it initially appeared to be. I must admit, it’s a twist I didn't see coming. And then it ends with a fight against two large ice dragons. At once. Without DragonRider armour. And honestly, Galanoth is pretty weak for the worlds most powerful DragonSlayer, so don't count on him to bail you out.

Meanwhile, a group of five dragons (of fire, water, lightning, wind and darkness types) are setting up a restaurant in Falconreach. That doesn't seem like a bad idea, until one realises that he menu will consist of the residents of Falconreach. So, that's five more dragons to take down, without DragonRider armour.

Fortunately, the DragonSlayer class has been released on the DA server for testing. And I have a Dragon Amulet. And it’s a really good class. Or, rather, it’s a 'meh' class that becomes really good if you're fighting dragons or dragonkin. It has two DoT abilities. Now DoT abilities are not particularly good in DF, unless you're fighting something with more health than you. Like dragons. Then they are really good. It has an ability that give opponents -10 to their boost (which is linked to accuracy in hitting you). That’s a bit meh. But if you use it on a dragon, it gives them -50 to their boost, which is indispensable when you're trying to avoid nasty dragonfire. It's one of the few armours that has a triple attack - but you an only use it against dragons. Its higest level skill is an ability that allows you to heal and attack at the same time. The only other armour that can do this is necromancer. Its not as powerful as the necro's version of this, but it doesn't require any setup, and has a 4-turn cooldown. Which is awesome. Oh, you can only use it against dragons. I don't quite understand why this class includes the Guardian clas'ss ability to summon the guardian dragon though. Why would the GD help a non-guardian, a DragonSlayer to boot?

It takes down dragons like nobody's business, but if you want to use it against a boss dragon, you'll have to be prepared to fight with a 'meh' class whilst you're getting to the boss. I think the class will get nerfed for the actual release - AE tend to underestimate how powerful the abilities they come up with actually are, which is why they get the paid-up players to test new classes before they are released. But regardless, this is the first class geared towards killing a specific type of enemy (hopefully they'll release classes like VampireSlayer in the future) and its been made really well.

Oh, I nearly forgot item drops. Nothing good I'm afraid. The restaurateur dragons drop element resiting necklaces, but you can only wear one necklace at a time, and the Defender's Necklace will always be first choice.

Verdict: Major Victory!

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