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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quartermaster - Febuary 2009

Green means I'm getting it. Red means I'm not. Blue means I'm still deciding. All cover images from Newsarama.

Dark Stuff
The dark section is a bit bigger this month. We have the usual suspects: Dark Avengers #2, New Avengers #50, Mighty Avengers #22, Avengers: The Initiative #21, Thunderbolts #129, Invincible Iron Man #10, War Machine #3, Ms. Marvel #36 and Deadpool #7. Added to this are Bendis & Hickman’s Secret Warriors #1, and Jeff Parker’s Agents of Atlas #1. These are as expected. We were also told Black Panther #1 had something to do with Dark Reign, so not much of a surprise. But Punisher #2 is here. Why is it classified when the spoliery #1 wasn’t? And then there’s Wolverine: Origins #33. Why on earth is this involved in Dark Reign? We’ll have to wait till December to find out. Agents of Atlas is tempting. I’ll probably get the first few issues at least. But I’ll wait for the declassified solicitations to come out before I decide on any of these.
Intelligence required.

Ultimate Stuff
So, Ultimate X-Men and Utimate FF are both being cancelled, while the beloved Ultimate Spidy carries on. I’m not really surprised. I’m pretty sure the remaining X-Men and FF members (if there are any) will end up in Ultimates or Ultimate Avengers. What’s interesting are the new printings of Ultimate Wolvrine vs Hulk #1 and #2. Does that mean they’re gonna finish it? Regardless, I’m still not gonna buy any Ultimate stuff. Its bad enough trying to keep up with stuff in the regular Marvel U.
Not in supply.

Astonishing Tales #1
The Marvel Universe is about to get even more astonishing with this anthology that delivers super-sized thrills every month! First up, fan-fave C.B. Cebulski and superstar Ken Roquefort (Madame Mirage) get gritty with a no-holds-barred Wolverine/Punisher tale you have to see to believe! You like Iron Man? GOOD! We’ve got a double dose of the Iron Avenger as Tony Stark and Arno Stark, Iron Man of the year 2020, headline two tales of corporate and high-tech intrigue. Finally, Cannonball and Sunspot of the New Mutants get sucked into the wildest adventure of their short lives when they spend their summer vacation in...MOJOWORLD!!
Hmm, this is interesting. Another anthology. We had Marvel Comics Presents for a year (it finished in August) and a couple of X-Men anthologies. Apparently they did well enough to merit a new Astonishing Tales series. The last time the name was used was in series that ran from 1970-1976. I’m not sure whether this new series is supposed to be in present day continuity or not. The appearance of Arno Stark and the refence to Cannonball and Sunspot being on summer vacation makes me think its not.
Not in supply.

Marvel: Your Universe #1
Get caught up on all the latest action going on in the Marvel Universe! First, it’s an action-packed Ms. Marvel story featuring Captain America and Jessica Jones. Then, he has near limitless power — now he must do all he can to bring punishment to the wicked, help to the oppressed, and justice for all! Exploding from the pages of ANNIHILATION, it’s Nova! Also, follow the adventures of Danny Rand in a history-spanning kung-fu epic that will shatter every perception of what it means to be the Immortal Iron Fist! Next, the final confrontation between Ghost Rider and Lucifer begins! Plus, the X-Men’s past becomes the present as Xavier fights the greatest battle of his life. With his mind hanging in the balance, one false move can cause irreversible damage. Collecting material from MS. MARVEL #1, NOVA #1, IMMORTAL IRON FIST #1, GHOST RIDER #14 & X-MEN: LEGACY #208.
I’m not entirely sure what this is supposed to be. We already have an anthology starting this mont. This seems to be a random collection of reprints that have nothing to do with each other. It’s not the latest action, and you would think stuff like Avengers and Iron Man are important for understanding the current Marvel U than these. Strange.
Not in supply.

Eternals #8
Guest-starring the X-Men! When colliding cousins Ikaris and Druig face-off at the feet of the Dreaming Celestial, do you think the astonishing mutants are going to let their new hometown be torn apart? Think again, Bub! They’ve united in the past to face a common foe, but can the X-Men and the Eternals stand together now?
I suspect that this purely an attempt to push up readership for eternals, and isn’t essential reading for X-Men fans. But the Celestial’s been in Uncanny twice now…
Not in supply…I think.

Fantastic Four #564
Dear Readers, you have our word that nothing this lame happens inside this very special Christmas issue. Yours sincerely, Mark and Bryan.
Christmas in February. This is what happens when comics are delayed
Not in supply.

Hulk #10
There was a time when the world's mightiest heroes got together to fight foes too great for them to handle all by themselves. No! Not the Avengers! The other guys: HULK! NAMOR! SILVER SURFER! DOC STRANGE! The original Defenders are back! But what terrible threat could bring them together again? How about THE OFFENDERS! RULK! TIGER SHARK! TERRAX! BARON MORDO! If you have to buy ONE comic this month -- be sure to by TWO copies of HULK!
One side of me says Loeb knows what he’s doing, the Defenders getting back together is the best thing ever, and I should buy this awesome book. My other side says that the Avengers can’t possibly get back together without ruining three plotlines, and this is a disaster in waiting which I should avoid at all costs.
Not in supply.

She-Hulk #38
She's been savage. She's been sensational. She's been an avenger. She's been a lawyer. She's been a bounty-hunter. But there's one thing She-Hulk has always been, in all of her many series... cancelled. But it hasn't stopped her yet! In this oversized final issue, Peter David brings his run on the Jade Giantess to a close... but can Jen use her last remaining pages to save her friends from a truly mammoth threat? Catch her now, before someone turns her red!
Well, I kept intending to try this, and in fact I’ve ordered the X-Factor tie-in (which I still haven’t got) and the Cosmic Collision one-shot. But seeing as its being cancelled, it doesn’t look like I’ll get to try it. Oh well.
Not in supply, series discontinued.

Incredible Hercules: Love and War HC
The Greek Goliath is looking for some R&R after the events of "Sacred Invasion," and hopes to find it in the arms of ex-Renegade NAMORA. But there's no rest for warriors when the AMAZONS declare war on Atlantis! And these ain't your mama's Amazons — is that why Amadeus Cho sides with them instead of Herc? Plus: ARES returns! Collecting INCREDIBLE HERCULES #121-125.
I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to get the hardcover, but if I don’t I’ll get the trade paperback.
In supply.

Incredible Hercules #126
A special DOUBLE-SIZED issue that is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Proudly presenting, for the first time in Marvel continuity ... the ORIGIN OF HERCULES! How did the young man who becomes the Lion of Olympus learn of his divine heritage? In what battle did he earn the title "Prince of Power?" And, most importantly, why does the goddess HERA hate him so, now that her DARK REIGN begins to fall across New Olympus? PLUS: In the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, AMADEUS CHO goes on "The Quest for Kirby!"
Ok, so its not really much of a spoiler for Dark Reign. Either Hera’s working with Doom, or Van Lente and Pak are doing a parallel story that has nothing to do with the rest of Dark Reign, like their Sacred Invasion story. And, BTW, Hera hates Herc cause Zeus cheated on Hera with Herc’s mother. It’s not complicated. Now, I’m getting Love and War, so I might decide to start getting this. It depends on what’s happening in Dark Reign, where this story is going, and whether or not I decide to buy all my Herc comics in tpb or not.
Intelligence required.

Models, Inc. #1 (of 4)
Fashion Week is always a hectic time for models, and this year is no exception. Between escaped wolves, robbery attempts, and overly friendly police officers, Mary Jane Watson, Patsy Walker, Jill Jerold, Chili Storm and Millicent (Millie the Model) Collins are testing the limits of their endurance. But when a brilliant young set designer is found murdered with three bullet holes in his back, and Millie proves to be the prime suspect, the models are forced to play detective in order to save one of their own!
When I first saw the cover I thought it said Hotels, that blonde was Emma, and that it was the cover of the next Uncanny. That would have been funny, but dude, this is hilarious. Mary Jane, Hellcat and Millie the Model. I laughed at every single headline on that cover. In fact, you know what? If it’s in continuity, I’m going to buy it. Because I can. If people at the comic store laugh at me, I can just say it’s for my sister.
Now in supply.

Nova #22
Join the Nova Corps...or suffer the consequences! Worldmind begins the mass transformation of human recruits to fill the ranks of his new Nova Corps--and brands anyone who stands against him a criminal! Richard Rider is powerless to stop the process...but he’s going to try anyway, even if it means fighting alone! New characters, razor-sharp plot twists, jaw-dropping cliffhangers...
I don’t think I’ll get Nova until War of Kings actually starts.
Not in supply.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #3 (of 4)
The fuse has been lit in the Shi'Ar Empire and an intergalactic powder keg is about to explode. After the shocking events of last issue, the rest of the universe just found out how dangerous Vulcan is... but right now Vulcan is more concerned with a now free HAVOK and POLARIS. And as the ruthless new Imperial Guard hunts down MARVEL GIRL, everything begins to converge. Will there be any X-Men left to fight the WAR OF KINGS?
Another awesome cover. I think I’ll make it into a new banner and turn the site green. Or perhaps green and red, and put some holly up too, for Christmas. Oh, right the comic. It sounds pretty good from the solicit, and I’m glad the entire series isn’t Vulcan torturing Havok and Polaris (I wouldn’t put it past Yost to do that) they actually escape and do things.
In supply.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10
The drums of battle thunder in the Negative Zone – building to WAR OF KINGS! Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians face down Blastaar’s barbarian horde as Star-Lord fights for his life in 42, the besieged Initiative prison! And if our cosmic misfits fall – Earth is next!
If this was any other book, bringing Blastaar back would be a bad idea. He is a completely ridiculous character. But this isn’t any book, its Guardians, and it is built on making ridiculous character awesome.
In supply.

War of Kings: Darkhawk #1 (of 2)
As WAR OF KINGS approaches, the ascension of Darkhawk begins! New Warrior...Avenger...Intergalactic destroyer?! Chris Powell has been many things over his young life, but now he’s stepping up with a new life on the East Coast and a serious job at Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. But when his past comes back to haunt him and new information about his amulet and its legacy are violently brought to light, Darkhawk realizes he may have to face a much darker destiny that he ever realized. All this, plus the return of the Loners...and a reprint of DARKHAWK #1! You know how ANNIHILATION made you look twice at Nova (now star of a critically acclaimed series)? This is where Darkhawk takes off!
Its no secret I’m a fan of C.B. Cebulski, so while I tend not to enjoy solo books, I’m going to try this. Especially as I’m not getting Nova, and it looks like PEGASUS might have something to do with the war. Its only two issues, and it ends at the same time as Kingbreaker, so the war starts in April?
Now in supply.

Uncanny X-Men #506
Emma's bad dreams continue, and, man, when the White Queen has a long night, we ALL have long nights. Peter finds horror in the Port of Oakland. The assembly of the fringe science team continues with a big -- BIG -- discovery that will probably kill them all before they have a chance to fix that whole no-more-mutants thing. And with the Humanity NOW! Coalition stoking fires of anti-mutant hate, Cyclops implores his X-Men to keep a low profile... HA. Dummy. Part 3 (of 4)

It seems like I have to justify why I’m getting this every time I do Quartermaster, so I’m not going to try and justify it this time.
In supply.

X-Men: Legacy #221
The desert ghost-town that was once the X-Men's HQ has been reborn as a city of the damned with only one inhabitant: Rogue. But as Professor X and Gambit struggle to reach her, they discover that sometimes one is a very large number... Part 2 (of 5)

Very good book. However, I don’t care about Rogue and I know nothing about the X-Men’s outback days..
Not in supply.

X-Infernus #3 (of 4)
The battle for Illyana Rasputin’s soul continues! Colossus leads the X-Men into Limbo, but does Illyana want them there?
They’ll find out that her soul isn’t the only one on the line. And who is the mysterious woman who is changing the landscape of reality?

Still know very little about this series, but it sounds like it will be good.
In supply.

Young X-Men #11
Dust is dying. Ever since she was turned to glass in YOUNG X-MEN #3, things haven’t been right, and they’re only getting worse. Why does she think that Donald Pierce may hold the answer?
I won’t get any YXM until after X-Infernus ends, then I’ll look at it again and decide.
Not in supply.

X-Factor #40
You remember John Maddox, right? He’s the one dupe that Jaime Madrox never reabsorbed. Family man. Pastor. All around decent guy. Well, he’s having a really really BAD day. And things are going to get worse when an armed Madrox comes knocking on his door. He’s looking for answers that only a man of the lord can provide and if Madrox doesn’t like what he hears, it may very well be the last sermon that John Maddox ever delivers…
Peter David likes doing this. Just when you’ve forgotten about that seemingly throwaway plot, it suddenly becomes important again. Meaning you can often go back an read old issues and notice things you didn’t see before. I think this solicit is a bit misleading though. Jamie wouldn’t even kill the Purifiers - he’s not gonna kill one of his dupes. However, last time Jamie visited Maddox, Jamie wanted to re-absorb him.
In supply.

X-Force #12
Cyclops and Wolverine struggle to deal the growing threats facing mutants while still keeping X-Force’s existence a secret from the X-Men. Warpath is out for vengeance, Wolfsbane is missing and X-23 keeps cutting off pieces of Vanisher. But worst of all? One mutant’s deadly actions will put mutantkind squarely back in the crosshairs of humanity. Things were bad before but they’re about to get a hell of lot worse.
I find myself wondering what pieces of Vanisher X-23 is cutting off. Anyway, I shall continue to ignore this book until the other X-Men find out about it.
Not in supply.

Cable #11
Deep in the future, Cable and the now seven-year-old mutant messiah find themselves in the middle of humanity’s last stand. And humanity loses! Cable is forced to timeslide into an uncertain future, hoping to find survivors, or food, or water... anything. But the longer Cable and the girl wander, the greater the devastation. As they fight to survive out in the barren wastelands, the girl starts to ask Cable the tough questions he’s been dreading—namely: who am I, and why do some people want me dead?
How to age a character without resorting to soapie-like age paradoxes. One begins to wonder how old Cable is and how much more devastation the earth can take, but at least they’re attempting to explain how all of this works.
Not in supply.

X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop #1 (of 3)
By now you know that Lucas Bishop—former cop, renegade X-Man—refuses to rest until he's killed the so-called "mutant messiah." But do you know why? To answer that question you have to look into Bishop's past...which actually means jumping 50 years into the future, when his parents barely escaped a nuclear holocaust, only to land in the most brutal "mutant relocation" camp in the world. There, a young Bishop first heard the horror stories about the green-eyed monster that ushered in the the downfall of mutantkind, and swore vengeance -- embarking on a life-long, time-hopping mission that begins here, in this special three-part mini-series. You haven't heard the "Messiah Complex" story until you've heard Bishop's side of the story...
As I said, at least they’re trying to explain things now. I never much liked Bishop (perhaps this is likned to my lack of knowledge about the X-Men’s outback days), so I don’t really care why he wants to kill the baby. There’s an outside chance this will tie in to the Layla Miller one shot and the Summers Rebellion, so I’m not writing it off quite yet, but I highly doubt I’ll get it.
Not in supply.

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